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Hells Forge USA

Hell's Forge Firebricks (Pack of 6)

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The Hell's Forge brand insulating firebricks have been used in our forges since we started in business years ago. As a leading forge manufacturer, we only use the best quality products sourced right here in the USA.

These firebricks can be used for many different applications including heat treat ovens, precious metal smelting, outdoor fire pits, insulation for fireplaces, pizza ovens, and any other outdoor wood-fired ovens and fire pits, plus many more options...

When you purchase Hell's Forge products, take comfort in knowing you are receiving the best quality products available at a fair price. We take pride in being a small, Veteran-owned family business that fully supports our military and all first responders who sacrifice daily for our safety and freedoms.

    • Perfect for forges. Line the bottom to provide a solid working surface and protect the ceramic fiber blanket insulation.
    • Provides better insulation than hard bricks by reflecting heat back into the working space. 
    • Enjoy faster heat-up and cool-down times. Rated for high temperatures: 2300F. Less likely to break due to heat stress.
    • Lightweight, durable, and much safer to use versus hard bricks that retain high heat with no reflection.
    • This pack includes 6 individual firebricks.
    • SIZE: 9" x 4.5" x 1.25" EACH




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