How to Mix Hellcote 3000 Refractory Cement

Let's talk about HELLCOTE 3000 and how to mix it! 🔥

⚠️ Most people mix it too thick!

Let's review the instructions to make sure you get the perfect coverage...

😷 You must wear a dust mask while handling HELLCOTE 3000 in a dry state.

 Place the entire contents of the bag in a mixing container. The 5 lb container (if purchased separately) is enough to cover the MAX forge completely. The SINGLE BURNER forge would only need 1/2 that amount. When ordering a forge, each comes with the appropriate amount you need. If you don't have enough - you probably mixed it too thick!

 Gradually add small amounts of tap water and mix in a whipping fashion until the consistency is that of a SMOOTHIE.
➡️ Consistency is key! If mixed too thick, you will pull apart the ceramic fiber blanket and you won't be able to spread it.
➡️ The mixture should be POURABLE, but not watery.


 Using a paintbrush or rubber-gloved hands, place material inside the forge and spread evenly to approximately a 1/16”-1/8” coating. Cover the entire blanket (including the ends).
➡️ Make sure that the 2 pipes in the forge are clear of any refractory material prior to drying.
➡️ Let air dry for 24 hours. It may still be soft (not fully dry) after that time period - that’s ok.


 Light the forge for 3 minutes, then turn off for 1 hour.
➡️ Forge is now sealed, protected, and ready to use!
➡️ Some hairline cracking may occur in the coating. This is common to all refractory material coatings.


🔥This is our proprietary blend of refractory cement, used to coat the ceramic fiber blankets for any brand forge.🔥