Hell's Forge USA Gas Portable Propane Forge Double Burner - For blacksmithing, bladesmithing, knifemaking, farrier forge tools and large size provides max workspace. Perfect for Forged In Fire fans. The Best Forges - MADE IN THE USA!

Hell's Forge Portable Propane Forge Double Burner

Hell's Forge is proudly made in the USA. The American ingenuity shines through with its double burner oval design and vertical firing system. These two features allow for your metals to have maximum exposure to the "sweet spot" of the flame allowing for a faster and more even firing. With its two burners (which can be used at the same time or one at a time) it will reach temperatures of 2300+F.



Hell's Forge USA is a family-owned business with 30 years of experience in Forge Making. Products are proudly made in the USA. Don't settle for non-USA brands - we hear the issues all the time!

Buy from the BEST...Hell's Forge USA! We provide excellent customer service!

  • Bob Caulkins

    "Got this forge as a gift from my wife. I've always wanted to learn how, but never did. After getting the forge, I contacted the company just to message asking if they could give advice, or direct me to some reference material to get started. they gave me a ton of help when they replied back. The amazing part was the fact they replied back the same day...Christmas Day!!! That's incredible customer service and support!"

  • Robert Crowley

    "The double burner is an absolute beast of a forge. This forge has no qualms about reaching forge welding temperatures, or even the higher range needed to work wrought iron. On top of that, the customer service is outstanding. I absolutely recommend this company and their products."

  • Naswe Pagosa

    "If you are going to spend the time and effort to forge steel to last generations, why would you skimp on one of the most important pieces of equipment? I have worked with coal/coke forges, built my own gas forges, and finally went with someone who builds them for a living. I am in love with my new double burner Hell's Forge. Thanks for a truly beautiful tool."